Minnesota Museum of Mining: Delve into the rich background of iron ore mining equipment and exhibits.

North American Bear Center: Displays tell many stories of bears throughout the world.

Leonidas Overlook: View the Eveleth Taconite mine and surrounding towns while enjoying this incredible overlook.

Iron Ore Miner Statue: A tribute to those who made the Iron Range what it is today – you won’t miss this big guy in Chisholm!

The Koke's Motel

Skibo Vista  Take in the view of Superior National Forest from this peak overlooking conifers and hardwoods.

The Big Stick & Puck: A massive monument to Eveleth’s favorite sport – with the World’s Largest hockey stick & puck!

International Wolf Center: This museum also gives visitors the opportunity to observe the daily routines of a live Timber wolf pack.

US Hockey Hall of Fame: A nationally acclaimed tribute to the world’s favorite cold weather sport.